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Liquid Chocolates

SCHOKINAG offers an extensive range of chocolates and chocolate couvertures in batches from 6 to 24 MT. We work closely with you to create and adapt tailor-made recipes according to changing requirements, such as optimization of cost, specification requirements and consumer behavior.

There are many options for chocolate applications. Dark, milk and white chocolates with the rheology, particle size and chocolate flavour you desire. Let us customize a product that meets your needs.

Apart from our innovations we also invite you for co-innovation projects into our R&D facility to jointly use our state-of-the-art pilot plant equipment, modern analytical devices and sensory panel.

  • Chocolates with a cocoa content from 25% up to 85% for dark and milk and from 20% min. for white
  • Chocolates and chocolate couvertures for enrobing, moulding, panning/spinning, topping
  • Chocolates for ice cream applications
  • Dark and milk ice cream compounds (made with coconut oil, CBE and other fats than cocoa butter)
  • Single origin chocolates
  • Certified chocolates: Kosher Dairy, HALAL, Fairtrade Mass Balance, UTZ Mass Balance, Rainforest Alliance Segregated
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