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Chocolate Specialities

Today’s consumers want “ready to eat” indulgent products that are prepared from the finest ingredients. SCHOKINAG offers an exciting range of chocolate decorations such as curls, shavings, spaghetti as well as microchips at 150,000/kg which are easy to use and immediately provide the desired quality finish and visual appeal. Chocolate innovation and chocolate taste – a winning combination every time.

  • Shavings dark, milk, white, multicoloured, Caramel
  • Curls dark, milk, white, multicoloured, caramel, strawberry, orange, in various sizes
  • Cigarettes dark, milk, white, duo
  • Fanderol dark, milk, white, duo in various sizes
  • Spaghetti dark, milk, white
  • Microchips 150.000/kg dark, milk, white, Caramel
  • Mixed chips and chunks dark/milk/white

Chunks are available in sizes of 5×5 mm to 10×10 mm length and width and 3-5 mm height. New innovation on request.

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