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Chocolate Chips & Chunks

SCHOKINAG CHIPS for remelting make the processing of chocolate simpler: easy to dose, quick melting, exact tempering. SCHOKINAG CHIPS for baking into cakes and biscuits as well as CHIPS for decoration are available in sizes of 800 to 22,000 count/kg. SCHOKINAG CHUNKS are added as inclusions in the Bakery and Biscuit Industries. From small to large chunks, domed, flat and even mixed in dark, milk and white chocolate – just imagine the new possibilities and applications for our chocolate chunks.

Let our chocolate recipes for artisans, carefully selected from our extensive product range, be the inspiration for your next masterpiece.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate couverture 73/27/37
Min. 70% cocoa solids. Pronounced bitter chocolate, with a beautifully proportioned harmony and pleasant aftertaste of subtle red fruits.

Dark chocolate couverture 70/30/42
Min. 68% cocoa solids. Bold but well rounded taste. A fluid chocolate couverture. Rich, dark colour. Pleasantly contrasting to very sweet centres. For thin enrobing.

Dark chocolate couverture 63/37/38
Min. 60% cocoa solids. Bitter chocolate with a strong cocoa taste and floral tones. For thick enrobing and moulding applications.

Dark chocolate couverture 60/40/38
Min. 58% cocoa solids. All time favourite among our bitter-sweet range. Classical continental chocolate flavour with multipurpose viscosity. Ideal for enrobing, hand dipping and figure moulding. Your solution to balancing the flavour of your products.

Dark chocolate couverture 55/45/35
Min. 53% cocoa solids. Well-balanced and rounded dark chocolate with a soft bitter chocolate note that will serve all of your needs.

Dark chocolate (bakestable) 52/48/28
Min. 50% cocoa solids. Low cocoa butter content especially for baking. Available from 2,200 to 22,000 count/kg as well as in chunks.

Dark chocolate (bakestable) 46/54/27
Min. 44% cocoa solids. Low cocoa butter content especially for baking. Available from 2,200 to 22,000 count/kg as well as in chunks.

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate (bakestable) M 27
Min. 30% cocoa solids. Milk chocolate with a rich cocoa taste. Low cocoa butter content especially for baking. Available in 4000 and 7500 count/kg as well as in chunks.

Milk chocolate VM 35/10
Min. 34% cocoa solids. Creamy chocolate, with a touch of caramel, soft cocoa and a subtle sweetness in a light teak brown colour profile.

Milk chocolate VM 36
Min. 34% cocoa solids. Finest milk chocolate, composed with a pronounced milk profile and a serene cocoa finish.

Milk chocolate VM 38/20
Min. 37% cocoa solids. Rich milk chocolate, with a high cocoa butter and milk content. Smooth texture and perfect rheology. Universal applications: figure and solid moulding as well as enrobing.

White Chocolate

White chocolate (bakestable) W29
Intense milk taste with a pleasant bourbon vanilla touch. Low cocoa butter content especially for baking as well as hollow figures, tablets and filled bars. Available in 4000 and 7500/kg and chunks.

White chocolate WP
A balanced harmony of milk and natural vanilla, offering a pleasant sweetness with floral tones. Very good rheology. Ideal for enrobing, figure and solid moulding.

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