• German manufacturer of high quality chocolates to the food industry

  • Founded in 1923 as family owned business

  • Owned by ADM from 2009 till 2015

  • Owned by Cargill from August 2015 till April 2016

  • New owners since April 30th 2016: Nimbus and Varova

    After years of ownership by US multinationals, this opens us possibilities to return to our roots as a medium-sized and independent operation.

    Nimbus and Varova are hands-on investors in traditional industries with a long-term perspective, and an unblemished record since 1992. They have invested in several food companies, including confectionery and chocolate companies in Europe.

    With the support of Nimbus and Varova the independent SCHOKINAG brand will be re-established and our company's reputation for responsiveness and reliability will be further enforced.